kim? 2017 spring exhibition cycle opens with three exhibitions




On March 24 at 7pm kim? Contemporary Art Centre will open its spring exhibition cycle with  three exhibitions – Latvian artist and kim? Residency Award 2017 winner Ieva Kraule's solo exhibition α: Deceived Deceivers, Finnish artist Maija Luutonen’s solo-exhibition Draft and Float and Mexican artist Rodrigo Hernandez’s solo-exhibition The Shakiest of Things

Venuekim? Contemporary Art Centre, Sporta 2 (on the corner of Sporta and Vesetas)

A day after the opening on March 25 at 3pm there will be a tour in the exhibitions with artists followed by the Maija Luutonen's presentation on the programme of a seven artist-run space Sic, in Helsinki at 4:30pm. 



 Ieva Kraule, 2017

The protagonist of artist Ieva Kraule’s exhibition α: Deceived Deceivers is Sophie – a talking robot, aka an automaton, which is supplemented by a spatial installation with various sculptural objects and structures in various materials and colouring. Visually Sophia is likened to a human face, but technically it is operated by a simple mechanism that allows the robot to move its eyes and imitate an audible audio-recorded story. This story is a fragment of the artist’s essay presented in the space, reciting a conversation between Sophia and her creator. During the conversation, the creator of the automaton tries to understand what it means to be a machine, and compares it with human nature.


 Maija Luutonen, 2017

Maija Luutonen’s exhibition was defined by her thoughts on the radical Italian design movements of the 60s-70s and their main ideas about living in a unified space, one which would belong to everyone, thoughts about gender, financial equality, about rejecting daily work, about liberating type-style clothing, and about getting involved in the destruction of cultural technology. As a result of these reflections and research she created work consisting of simplified clothes, materials, and design and pattern spray paintings, which are reminiscent of plans and instructions. Nailed to the white walls of the exhibition halls, the works are released from formal constraints and act as advice in how to display space, light and gravity.



Rodrigo Hernandez, 2017

Mexican artist Rodrigo Hernandez’s exhibition The Shakiest of Things, the title of which is derived from Swiss novelist Robert Walser’s work The Microscripts, which was written in a very specific manner, dimensionally approaching the limits of legibility in a condensed writing format. Papier-mâché installations stand at the core of the exhibition, which, created on site in Riga will fuse with the architecture of the exhibition space, and the audience – the younger exhibition visitors. Time-consuming work with paper pulp makes the exhibition a procedural situation in which, although minimal and elusive to the eye, however, change continues to take place - the complete drying of the material.


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kim? also invites you to the attend the accompanying programme – Kids Days on April 8th and 29th and the Senior Afternoon on April 18th. More information:

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