Thanks to books, we now know that Socrates did not trust them.

kim? Contemporary Art Centre in Riga has built a collection of books containing literature about contemporary art, and theory as well as experimental text.


kim? library is a fast growing base of materials, accessible to every visitor.  Focused on text, art criticism, theory and their possible variations in the practice of contemporary art (books, exhibition catalogues, artist books, manifestos and others), as well as various publications that have become chrestomathic (including bibliographic rarities). You will find art history, theory, poetry, philosophy, a touch of architecture, design, music, and other artistic spheres of the 20th and 21th century. Books are available in Latvian, English, German, Russian as well as other languages.

The library collection was built according to recommendations made by arts professionals from Latvia and abroad.

kim? library was set up in cooperation with the advertising agency DDB Latvija, in celebration of it 15th anniversary in Latvia. 

The library is open free to visitors during our opening hours